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We deliver revenue-focused SEO and digital PR campaigns that drive organic growth and build brand authority; blending proven systems with creative thinking and AI, we get real, meaningful results for our clients and partners.


It's 2024. SEO has changed

Google Search is seeing dramatic changes with AI driven algorithms and results moving to a more personalized Search Generative Experience (GSE). However, many SEO methods are still based upon how Google used to work before AI and are fast becoming outdated.

Liquid Media combines 10+ years of marketing expertise with the latest knowledge and research in SEO, AI and Google. We help clients stay ahead of the curve and take advantage of the opportunities the evolving Search landscape offers.

Google Gemini
Liquid Media SEO framework

Our SEO framework is designed for speed and results

Our 3-tiered approach provides high quality, impactful SEO and digital PR with minimal friction and no wasted time.

This makes SEO much simpler and more transparent for clients, and allows us to focus on the details that matter to deliver measurable results that really move the needle.

01 Strategy

Strategy lays the foundations for the Liquid Media system. When you become a client, we conduct a full audit of your website, your competitors and the Search landscape to uncover opportunities and create a clear, concise SEO roadmap for organic growth.

At this point, we also perform a deep dive into the technical aspects of your site, to address any issues that might be holding your website back and ensure a solid foundation for future growth.

02 Content

Google aims to provide content to its users that is genuinely helpful and follows its EEAT guidelines (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

Through careful research, we help build out your existing content that has ranking potential, and create (or help you create) new content that matches your Search audience’s needs and aligns with Google’s AI driven algorithms.

03 Links and Digital PR

Links and Digital PR on topically relevant, authoritative websites help Google, audiences and potential customers identify your brand as an industry player and thought leader. 

Liquid Media will get you quality links and earned media to help Google determine the value of your content, and improve your brand reputation and online presence far beyond where your website ranks on the Search engines.

Google Maps, local SEO mock up

Local SEO

Does your business serve a local area? Then Local SEO could be one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Localised searches have a very high buying intent, but 90% of users don’t look at listings past the first page of Google Search. Holding a spot in the top 3 Google Map places is vital.

Local Search has its own set of nuances. Our strategic approach for local Search ranking will get your business to the first page of the “Google Map Pack” fast. 


Here’s just a few of the SEO campaigns we have worked on.

Jewelry store

+200% Organic Traffic

Higher education

+230% Organic Traffic

Subscription box

+1400% Organic Traffic

Luxury watch store

+200% Organic Traffic

Home decor store

+80% Monthly Revenue

Life coach directory

+700% Organic Traffic

Essential oils brand

75X non-branded Organic Traffic


+159% Monthly Revenue

Designer clothing

+319% Monthly Revenue

Injury lawyer

$185K Monthly Traffic Value

Pizza delivery

80% Decrease in Bounce Rate

Online dating brand

+63% non-branded Organic Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

By its nature, SEO is unpredictable, but results are actually a lot more predictable than most SEO agencies suggest.

The beauty of SEO is the sheer volume of competitor and historic data that is available for analysis. We cannot make any guarantees, but with the right expertise and technology, we can make ‘highly-educated guesses’ of what is required to accomplish specific goals.

Usually you can expect to see results within 30 to 90 days, depending on competition and your website’s current standing with Google. 

Liquid Media is a 100% remote working organisation. The central office is in mid-Wales, UK, and we currently work with clients in the UK, USA and Canada.

Working remotely means we can hire the best people possible, regardless of location, and don’t have unnecessary office overheads.

SEO case study

Jewelry store

The Challenge

This online jewelry store was facing fierce competition from other luxury brands and was struggling to make it onto the first page for any important keywords. Traffic to the site was decreasing month over month.

There were multiple technical SEO errors on the website. Products pages were poorly optimized with very little unique text content on most product pages.

The Solution

We implemented a long term SEO strategy focusing on several areas. We performed a deep technical analysis to fix the technical issues the site had and then designed a site-wide restructure of the site content.

Link Building was done by outreach and overall we attracted over 2,000 quality backlinks.

The Results

Organic traffic to the website increased by 28.5k per month, 96% of which was non-branded traffic. We have moved over 10k keywords onto the first page of Google.

SEO case study

Higher education test preparation

The Challenge

The client ran online courses to prepare students for GMAT, SAT, ACT, GRE and TOEFL tests.

Despite the quality of the courses, the website and landing pages appeared unprofessional and converted poorly. Actual traffic volume was not bad, but it was very untargeted, for keywords that didn’t convert to leads or sales, or even on completely unrelated topics.

Off-Site SEO was poor, with a large number of low quality links pointing to the site, which had been added by a previous SEO agency.

The Solution

We created a long term SEO plan for the website with the main goals of increasing the relevance of traffic coming to the site and improving its usability and conversion rates.

We ran multiple SEO audits to fix the site’s technical issues and rebuilt the content from the ground up. Each page was designed with the customer journey in mind and led to a relevant call to action. Site content was designed to be both SEO friendly and authoritative. 

Following a link audit we disavowed spammy links that were damaging the site’s SEO. With the new, quality site content , we could attract a lot of links naturally as well as by direct outreach to high quality sites.

The Results

Overall, we increased traffic to the site by 230% (97% of which was for non-branded keywords) Student enrolments increased through both an increase in keyword relevance and better CRO on landing pages.

Through the course of the campaign we secured over 200K backlinks.

SEO and ads case study

Subscription box

The Challenge

The client ran a “novelty” subscription box. Customers received a different selection of niche products each month for a fixed monthly fee. The campaign was to run nationally (USA).

At the time, the concept of subscription boxes was relatively new. The campaign not only needed to educate the audience on the benefits of the box itself, but on the concept of paying a subscription for unknown, non-essential items.

The Solution

This was a large scale campaign and the fact that it was run nationally presented it’s own problems, in that we found different regions reacted to the concept differently.

Our solution was to run both local and national SEO campaigns, alongside PPC (search and display) and retargeting campaigns. Lead capture was the primary objective, which was followed up by the client’s sales department.

We also ran press releases to boost the mainstream adoption of the concept.

The Results

We increased traffic to the client’s website by 1400%, with most traffic coming organically after the initial PPC kickstart to the campaign. The website gained good rankings nationwide, with traffic coming from over 16k keywords.

Visitor relevance was key and the client’s  sales team achieved a 50% contact to customer ratio.


SEO case study

Luxury watch ecommerce store

The Challenge

This high-end watch store had several on-page technical and SEO problems that were adversely affecting its search engine performance. There were several issues, including:

– website structure
– internal linking
– very poor content
– slow page-load speed
– low visitor engagement
– low conversion rates

The Solution

First we performed a complete website audit to identify technical challenges and opportunities. Resolving the speed issues provided a quick win and immediate lift in the search engines.

We devised a long-term SEO and content marketing strategy to reposition the store as a leading authority in the luxury watch market.

A long term link building strategy was introduced to improve the site’s rankings for keywords that would bring targeted visitors to the store.

The Results

The SEO campaign increased organic traffic by 200% (to 70,000 visitors per month). Conversion rates increased by 65% and overall revenue from search engine traffic increased by 74%.

The store has now established itself as one of the leaders in the luxury watch market, with 1,300 relevant keywords on Google first page and an increase in Ahrefs Domain Rating from 15 to 74.

SEO case study

Home decor online store

The Challenge

This home decor store had weak visibility in Google and received low daily organic traffic.

The client relied mostly on paid traffic, but still a high proportion of visitors left without engaging with the site content.

The Solution

We implemented technical and on-page SEO to fix various issues that were affecting the site’s ranking, including optimizing page-load speed and internal linking structure.

We also optimized the site design to improve user experience and conversions.

The Results

Our SEO campaign moved 5,122 keywords onto the first page of Google for this client.

Overall Organic traffic increased by 75% and revenue from organic traffic is up by 80%.

SEO case study

Life coach directory

The Challenge

The client runs an online directory for life and business coaches. It is quite a competitive market and any keywords with reasonable search volume were ranking poorly.

Due to the low organic visibility, the site received only around 600 visitors per month and had low enrollment rates.

The Solution

The team identified several technical issues on the site that needed to be fixed, such as broken links, missing schema and speed issues that the site was having. Additionally, the site was not mobile freindly.

We started by optimizing for ultra-specific keywords that would convert and a creating a high quality blog on the client website. This attracted natural links which we supplemented with link building outreach to high authority sites.

The Results

From our SEO campaign, organic traffic to the client’s website increased 7X, of which 97% was for non-branded keywords.

Monthly enrollments coming from the website were increased by 89%.

SEO case study

Essential oils brand

The Challenge

This Essential Oils store was struggling in a very competitive online niches. The site was performing badly with low brand visibility in Google. It ranked low for any relevant keywords with search volume.

This was the store’s first ever SEO campaign and there were a lot of technical SEO issues on the site.

The Solution

We developed a campaign based around keywords with high buyer intent. Product listings were updated with unique content optimized for keywords with good search volume. This also resolved issues of duplicate on-page content that the site was experiencing.

We started a blog to bring more targeted visitors and to add value for the existing website audience.

We started an link building outreach campaign to get links from high authority, relevant sites in the beauty and health niche.

The Results

The client’s website experienced a 65% growth in organic traffic, with non-branded traffic increasing from 51 to 3,830 visitors per month.

The number of keywords the store ranked for went from 300 to 4,923 since starting the campaign.

SEO and local SEO case study

CBD store

The Challenge

Due to the sensitive nature of the CBD niche, our client faced many challenges in marketing their CBD products (e.g. restricted advertising opportunities).

The store was struggling in the search engines, failing to rank in several key areas and experiencing inconsistent growth despite the general upward trend in the CBD market.

The Solution

Our team identified the high-value keywords in the CBD vertical and developed an aggressive content and link building strategy. We added a blog to the client’s website that we updated regularly with high quality, SEO-optimized articles.

Because the store had a physical location the client’s Google Business Profile was optimized and Local SEO strategies were added alongside the online store aspect of the business.

The CBD market is relatively new, so we ensured that our strategy was flexible and could evolve over time.


The Results

Our local SEO efforts generated almost 50,000 impressions in Google Maps, with 1,081 clicks and 161 calls to the physical store address. Improvements in the quality of content on the website increased average session duration by 15%.

Overall, the SEO campaign generated a 159% increase in monthly revenue for the client’s website.

SEO case study

Designer clothing online store

The Challenge

This New York clothing store was stagnating in the search engine, with falling rankings month over month and a constant drop in monthly revenue.

The Solution

First we performed detailed market and competitor research to find why the client’s site was performing so poorly relative to the competition.

From there, we developed a solid strategy to fix the many technical issues the site had and to create content that would engage visitors and rank the site for multiple high volume keywords.

We found that a poor link profile was damaging the site’s ability to rank, so began a white-hat link building campaign that would help push the site up the SERPs.

The Results

Our SEO strategy got our client top 3 rankings for over 1,000 keywords. 85% of all traffic is non-branded. High quality content increased visitor engagement and reduced bounce rate by 65%.

Overall, our SEO campaign increased monthly revenue for this client 319%.

SEO case study

New York style pizza restaurant and delivery

The Challenge

This Pizza delivery and restaurant website was poorly optimized and had poor feedback for user experience. They had a weak brand presence and were suffering from competition from well-known competitors such as Dominoes and Pizza Hut.

The bottom line is that they simply weren’t making enough sales.

The Solution

We started by doing some very in-depth competitive analysis, looking in detail at their strategies and what they were doing that was getting the most results.

We optimized for high volume keywords and created a long term content plan for a blog connected to the main website. As well as regular content syndication and link building, we also used Reddit and Quora to increase reach.

Special offers were key in enticing new and previous customers to make purchases.

The Results

The SEO campaign moved 1,052 keywords onto the first page of Google and 370 high volume, high buyer intent keywords to the top 3. This more than doubled total organic traffic to 156,403 visits per month. Bounce rate was decreased by 80%.

SEO Case Study

Online Dating Site

The Challenge

Our client is one of the largest international dating sites for educated singles.

Online dating is a very competitive market and the client was experiencing falling visitor numbers and signups. The website had low organic reach and weak brand awareness.

The Solution

Extensive SEO and technical audits helped to create a plan for the internal optimization of the site and a more organized approach to content management.

We identified several keywords that we wanted to rank for and created a long-term content creation plan (new articles and rewriting existing content).

The website improvements were combined with a large scale guest post and link acquisition campaign to increase brand awareness and bring in non-branded traffic.

The Results

Over the course of the campaign we attracted links from over 3,000 different domains. As well as an overall increase in brand awareness, website traffic increased by 62.68% for non-branded terms.