SEO Strategy

Our team of experienced SEO analysts, content marketers and link building experts work together to create effective custom SEO strategies.

SEO strategy
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Liquid Media (then as Liquid Web Design) has worked at the cutting edge of SEO since 2009, in some of the web’s most competitive industries. We have delivered tens of thousands of first page rankings to clients and partners for keywords with meaningful search volume and intent.

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Our SEO Strategy

At Liquid Media, our SEO strategy centres around 4 key areas:

  • On Page Optimisation
  • Content Strategy
  • Link Building
  • Analysis and Adjustment
onpage optimisation

On-Page Optimisation

We work to ensure your website is technically sound and in good health across 130+ SEO factors.

Your website code must be well optimised and fast loading to achieve its full potential. Even the most interesting website will never perform well in the search engines if it has technical issues.

We implement meta-data, social meta and schema markup to help Google better understand the website content and what keyword searches it should be ranking for.

On the front-end, we optimise on page content for media, title tags, headings, and keyword density to both create an enjoyable user experience and satisfy search engine bots.

Content Strategy

A consistent, well-optimised content strategy across all your brands’ digital assets is vital for successfully ranking in the search engines.

We do several methods of keyword research to discover which keywords have good search volume, are relevant and likely to convert. Ideally we will be able to come up with a range of broader, high volume but more difficult-to-rank keywords and more specific, low volume but easier ones.

By data mining Google, we reverse engineer what is already ranking.  This allows us to gain insight into what content factors would be required to rank well for our various keyword targets.

From here we can develop a longer term content management strategy.

Link building

Link Building

Our link building strategies have evolved and adapted over the years to stay at the cutting edge of the SEO industry.

Quality backlinks on high authority websites with good metrics and high traffic volume are the cornerstone of our strategy. These are real websites on relevant topics, sourced through personal outreach.

Additionally we create backlinks on sites from a diverse range of sources, with a range of metrics. This provides a powerful natural backlink profile, and avoids any footprints that could lead to a Google penalty.

Our backlinks are safe, future proof and WILL boost your rankings.

Analysis and Adjustment

We build clear actionable reports to examine campaign performance against both short-term and long-term goals. Our granular reporting allows us to see which of our efforts are working well and should be ramped up, and which are not working as well as expected. From here we can see where our strategy needs adjustment.

In our opinion, SEO strategy is an ongoing process of adaptation to the environment.


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