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Backlinks on aged, relevant articles with existing backlinks

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Niche Edits

With Niche Edits, we follow the same extensive research and outreach process as guest posts. However, instead of looking for authority websites or blogs who might accept our content, we look for current pages where we might be able to add a contextual link.

Niche edits have several advantages over guest posts:

  • The articles are already indexed. For this reason, we generally see ranking improvements faster with Niche Edits.
  • Our Niche Edit articles already have backlinks, whereas a guest post will start out with none. A guest post might have good Domain Authority, but it won’t have good URL authority.
  • As Niche Edits don’t have content costs, they work out cheaper than guest posts.
  • Often sites that accept Niche Edits, don’t accept guest posts.
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However, there is one key disadvantage. As there is no editorial control of the content where niche edits are placed, they tend to be less relevant. With guest posts, we have total control and can shape the content around the backlink exactly as we like.


$ 75 per link
  • 40 - 100 Referring Domains


$ 105 per link
  • 100 - 400 Referring Domains


$ 135 per link
  • 400+ Referring Domains

The number of referring domains is our key pricing metric for niche edits (according to Majestic SEO), although we also keep a close eye on other key metrics in our placement selections.

We are here to help. Please contact us with any questions related to suggested packages, bulk discounts or other general enquiries.

Also, please check the FAQ section.

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