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Beauty Products

Facebook Ads
£8.2 per Sale Through Facebook Ads
£105 Avg, Product Ticket Size
2.7% Increase in Conversion Rate
30% More Returning Customers
20% More Upsells

Supplement Store

Google Shopping and Retargeting
20% Returning Customers per Month
50% Increase in New Customers Every Month
113% Increase in Traffic Since Redesign
100% Increase in Brand Keyword Searches

Luxury Watches

SEO and Content Marketing
200% Organic Traffic increase to 70K visitors/month
Website Ranked on First Page for 1300 Keywords
65% Conversion Rate Increase
73.6% Growth in Revenue From Search Traffic

Berry Supplement

Google Ads and SEO
Dominates Organic Search Results
200% Increase in Traffic
Over 1000 Additional Sales
200% Increased Conversion from Organic Traffic

Designer Jewelry Store

Facebook Ads
Less Than $2.50 per Click
$1672 Avg. Product Ticket Size
30% Increase in Conversion Rate
20% More Returning Customers
10% More Upsells

Online Dating

SEO Campaign
85% Increase in Search Traffic
20% Increase in Direct Traffic
32% Decrease in Bounce Rate
423,648 Monthly Visits
5971 Keywords Ranked in Top Positions

Life Coach Directory

SEO Campaign
89 % Increase in Monthly Enrollments from Search
75 % Increase of Keywords in Google Top 3 Ranking
670 % Organic Traffic Increase (600 to 4.6k / m)

CBD Store

SEO and Content Marketing
47,978 Impressions in Google Maps
1,081 Clicks on Google My Business
161 Calls on Google My Business
5316 Organic Visitors / month
159% Increase in Revenue from Website

Kickboxing gym

Google Ads & Facebook Ads
$16 Avg. Cost per Lead from Google Ads
25% Average Conversion Rate
50+ Monthly Leads from Facebook Ads
$20-25 per Lead from Facebook Lead Ads

Local Yoga Studio

Local SEO & Facebook Ads
Increase of Over 20 New Weekly Signups
$13-18 Cost per Lead from Facebook Ads

Fitness Franchise

SEO Campaign
312% Increase In Organic Search Results
168% Increase In Traffic From Digital Ads
224% Increase In Local Search Results
86% Increase in Revenue

Medical Supplements

Google Shopping and Retargeting
$56 Avg. Cost per Lead
Over $500K in Sales in N. America
Over €3 Million in Sales in Europe
Qualified Appointments at Significantly Lower Costs

Personal Development

Facebook & Instagram Ads, SEO
Avg. Cost of $3.94 per Lead
Ebook Downloads CPA Under $1
30% of Leads Converted to Appointments
Avg. $2,000 Fee per Coaching Client

Essential Oils

SEO Campaign
65% Growth in Organic Traffic
Non-Branded Visits up from 51 to 3,830
No. of Ranked Keywords up from 300 to 4,923
61% Increase in Branded Traffic
39% Increase in Non-Branded Traffic

Education and Learning

SEO Campaign
230% Increase in Organic Traffic
75% Increase Student Enrollments
330% Increase in Indexed Organic Keywords
96.93% Increase in Non-Branded Traffic Keywords
231.2K Relevant Backlinks Secured

Talent Acquisiton

Google Ads
$21.17 per Lead Through Search Ads
3.31% Increase in Conversion Rate
45.6% More Brand Recall
60% Increase in Website Traffic

Yoga Content Site

SEO and Conversion Optimisation
2.3x Growth In Organic Traffic
76% Rise In Top 3 Rankings Across SERPs
59% per month increase in Yoga Class Signups
Presence in Featured Snippets From 4 to 446
Website Authority increased from 6 to 46

Professional Study Course

Facebook Ads and Email Campaign
Over 30 Signups per weeks
$15 cost per lead through Facebook Ads

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