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Liquid Media builds ad campaigns that work across the customer journey

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Advertising Solutions that Get Results

Our advertising solutions combine proven systems with creative thinking to produce results. They are developed to align with brand values and message, and work in synergy with other marketing efforts to put your campaigns on a strategic path to ROI. We primarilty work with Google, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn and Native Ad platforms.

Precise targeting gets your ads to appear where your potential customers will see them. We present your audience with a message that connects with them and with where they are in their buying decision.

We use advanced market analysis to establish what is already working in our clients’ business environment. Knowledge of this data, allow our clients to gain a competitive edge before even their first ad is clicked.

Advertising Platforms We Work With

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world, and Google Ads can be highly competitive. With combined decades of experience, cutting edge knowledge and tools, Liquid Media’s team of PPC experts consistently generate excellent results for our clients geared to their specific goals. Our Google Ads services include Search Ads, Display Ads, Google Shopping, Youtube, and Call Only Ads. 

With Facebook and Instagram Ad campaings, we implement strategies to drive high volumes of followers and engagement to our clients’ businesses. With strategic targeting using proven statistical data, we can reach the most customized audience anywhere in the world and can maximise reach and performance on any given budget. 


LinkedIn is the ideal network for B2B advertising. To generate leads and build a pipeline in this sector requires a specialised approach. Liquid Media is proficient in leveraging business networks to help our clients reach people with  with specific professional backgrounds and industries.


Native advertising on the open web, on platforms such as Outbrain or Taboola, offers a true competitor to the “Walled Gardens” of Google or Facebook. Native platforms deliver ads that are consistent with on-page content and can deliver far higher engagement and purchases than traditional display ads. In 2021 native ads are the preferred form of advertising for brands across the USA, UK, France and Germany.

Tracking and Testing

Monitoring and extensive split testing processes enable us to identify elements across a campaign that are under performing and where there are opportunities to grow.

We continually optimise campaigns to move them towards peak performance and pinpoint new opportunities. This ensures that we are able to:

  • improve lead quality
  • reduce cost per acquisition/sale
  • improve ROI
  • increase conversion volume
  • outperform your competition
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Retargeting / Remarketing

Retargeting allows us to get your brand back in front of potential customers that might otherwise be lost. We use advanced techniques to target potential customers based on their previous interaction with your brand.

Whether they need more education on your product or service, a special offer, or simply a reminder of why they should buy your product or service we can provide them with the most appropriate message.

Retargeting campaigns are also very good value to run.

Transparent Reporting

We deliver regular reports showing exactly what is going on in your advertising campaigns – what’s working and what’s not – and regular calls to review performance and collaborate on strategies to scale your campaigns.

After you are set up, you can be involved as little or as much as you like. We recommend having a catch up and review at least a once a month. 

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