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Profitable Advertising Solutions

Our advertising solutions combine proven systems with creative thinking to deliver outstanding results. We develop profitable campaigns that align with brand values and message, and work in synergy with other marketing activities.

We have dedicated specialists working with ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and  LinkedIn.

Our campaigns and strategies are built from the ground up based on extensive experience. We work in collaboration with you to understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing your business.

Advertising Platforms We Work With

Google YouTube logos

Google is the most widely used seach engine in the world, and Google Ads is a valuable source of high quality traffic. We work with you to understand your business and goals, and create high perfoming, results-driven campaigns focused on relevant clicks that convert into leads and sales.

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With Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns, we implement strategies to drive high volumes of targeted traffic into your sales funnels. We can reach a highly customized audience, based on their demographic information, lifestyle, interests, behaviour etc., and develop highly optimized and scaleable campaigns.

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LinkedIn is the the no.1 platform for B2B advertising. To generate leads and build a pipeline in this sector requires a specialised approach. Our LinkedIn experts are fully proficient in leveraging LinkedIn Ads to help you reach people with with specific professional backgrounds and present them with an offer that they cannot refuse.

Featured Case Studies

Designer Jewelry Store

$50,160 revenue from
$409 Google Adspend

Marketing Course

30+ new Sign-ups per Week
$15 CPL from Facebook Ads

Yoga Studio

20+ new Sign-ups per Week
$13-18 CPL from Facebook Ads

Ecom Ads Agency

+60% Conversions
+40% Brand Recall

Event Mgt App

$48 Cost per Demo
$1.5m Total Demo Value

T-Shirt Printer Store

+122% Sales
$34 Average CPS


We work with you to understand your “perfect customer”, craft an irresistible offer, and design creatives and sales funnels.

Precise targeting gets your ads to appear where potential customers will see them. We present your audience with a message that connects with them and with where they are in their buying decision.

We continually monitor and optimize all targeting variables that each ad platform provides. Our aim throughout the process is to narrow down to deliver the best ROI possible.

Ad Creatives

Our ad creatives (image and video) are designed and performance-tested to attract eyeballs, presell the visitor and get clicks.

A robust creative testing framework is a key area where brands can improve performance which is often overlooked by agencies and in-house teams.

We often test 100+ combinations of creatives and headlines over the course of a campaign to continually improve return on adspend.

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

We create landing pages and sales funnels that look beautiful on all devices and, more importantly, they convert.

Using industry insights and A/B split testing, we optimise our landing pages’ messaging, design and call to action to improve conversions and deliver more leads and sales at lower cost.

landing pages

Multi-step sales funnels are designed to guide the visitor through the sales process and maximize Average Order Value (AOV). Assuming similar acquisition costs (either for organic or paid traffic), then increasing customer spend is one clear way to dramatically improve ROI.

5 step sales funnel
A Simple 5 Step Ecommerce Funnel (example)
Funnel example
A Multi-Step / Multi-Channel Funnel

Our funnel strategies are developed according to specific client business model and goals. We work with most major platforms, including Clickfunnels, Hubspot and High Level.

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Transparent Reporting

As a client, you and your team will be able to see a live view of how all your campaigns are doing in your analytics dashboard. Your account manager will regularly review performance with you in order to collaborate on strategies to optimize and scale your campaigns.

We want to consider ourselves an extension of your business. It is our number one priority to ensure that your ad campaigns are successful.


Retargeting allows us to get your brand back in front of potential customers that might otherwise be lost. We use retargeting to reach potential customers across different ad channels with messaging based on their previous interactions with your brand.

Whether they need more education on your brand or offer, an incentive to buy, or simply a reminder of the benefits of your offer, we can provide them with the most appropriate message to guide them through the customer journey.

Track, Optimize, Test and Scale

Your dedicated account manager will monitor your campaigns daily and split test extensively. They will identify and improve elements that are under-performing,  and scale where things are working well.

We continually optimize campaigns for better performance, and test new opportunities. Throughout this ongoing process, we aim to:

  • improve lead quality
  • reduce cost per acquisition/sale
  • improve ROI
  • increase conversion volume
  • outperform your competition
  • scale and grow
SEO strategy

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Google Ads Case Study

Designer Jewelry Store

The Challenge

Before we took over this client’s account, they were spending a lot on their marketing with a very high cost per lead. Leads were untargeted and unwilling to pay the premium prices the client was charging.

There was very little customer loyalty and repeat business, largely due to competition that was competing on price.

The Solution

After extensive audience research, we implemented a Google Search Campaign strategy with dynamic remarketing. Bid Automation was introduced to increase campaign efficiency.

The website was re-designed to provide a more pleasant user experience and improve conversions and upsells.

Jewelry Store Ads Dashboard

The Results

The campaign increased conversion rates by 2.7%, with 10% increase in upsell purchase, and 20% more returning customers.

For unbranded traffic, the average cost per sale was $13.62, with an average order value of $1,672. (At 30 orders per month this equated to an additional $50,160 for just $409 adspend.)

Facebook Ads Case Study

Digital Marketing Course

The Challenge

The client was selling a series of quality, high-ticket marketing information products. 

The cost of customer acquisition was high and landing pages performed poorly. There was low take up of trial offers and low conversion of trials to sales.

The Solution

Our main focus was targeted Facebook Lead Ads to capture prospects’ emails. We then ran a drip email campaign to these leads. We also ran retargeting and display ads to increase brand visibility and recall.

The Results

The campaign received over 30 free sign ups per week, at an average cost of $15 per lead.

Digital marketing course FB Ad

Facebook Ads and Local SEO Case Study

Local Yoga Studio

The Challenge

The client ran a local yoga studio. It was not well known locally, and appeared almost nowhere in local Google search results.

The Solution

The marketing strategy began with focusing on the potential customers’ pain points that we could address in our messaging.

We ran Facebook Ads to the local area, offering a free class to get trial signups. (Offering a free class came at no additional cost to the studio).

Alongside this we implemented a local SEO strategy to get the studio ranking on the first page for local keywords 

The Results

The studio received an additional 20+ free sign ups per week, at an average $13-18 cost per lead.

Yoga studio FB Ad

Facebook Ads Case Study

E-Commerce Advertising

The Challenge

This client’s agency had a high cost per lead with their current marketing efforts and low conversion rates. It was a new agency and struggling to get its brand well known in a crowded market.

The Solution

We utilized Facebook Conversion and Reach Ads to capture leads and increase awareness. The client’s sales team followed up with these leads.

The Results

The Facebook Conversion campaign cost an average of $71.32 per lead, which converted at over 10% into clients. Overall, we increased the number of monthly conversions by 60%.

The increased exposure on Facebook increased brand recall by 40%.

Ecom Ad FB dashboard
Ecom Ad FB dashboard2

LinkedIn Ads Case Study

Event Management App

The Challenge

The client was a SaaS company that had an online application which assists the planning and sales process for event sales managers.

They wanted to increase the amount of demo bookings and lower the cost per lead of the existing campaign. 

The Solution

We ran LinkedIn Conversion Ads, split into 3 campaigns aimed at top of funnel, middle of funnel and bottom of funnel awareness levels. This was to increase ad relevance and click through rates for the campaign.

We also ran retargeting ads on other platforms.

The Results

We achieved an average cost per demo of $48, which then converted at a rate of 4.2%. Overall, the number of demos performed were valued at $1.5M.

A side effect of the LinkedIn Ad campaign was increased brand awareness on social channels, with social engagement increasing by 20%.

Event Management LinkedIn Ad Data
Event Management LinkedIn Ad1
Event Management LinkedIn Ad2

Google Ads Case Study

T-Shirt Printer

The Challenge

The client sold printers that could print designs on t-shirts and other fabric. It was targeted at lower budget designers and print-on-demand sellers.

The site received very little organic traffic, and had a high customer acquisition cost from paid advertising. Brand awareness was low.

The Solution

We ran a comprehensive Google Ads strategy, consisting of Google Search, Google Shopping and Google Display  campaigns. We also used dynamic remarketing to recapture site visitors.

Throughout the campaigns, we A/B tested ad copy and creatives to optimize results. Overall we tested well over 100 different combinations.

At the same time as the paid campaigns, we performed SEO on the client site for longer term ROI. 


T-shirts Printers Google Ads
POD T-shirts Printers Google Ads2

The Results

Over a year, we were responsible for over 8K sales at an average cost of $33.84 CPS. This was an increase of 122%.

Brand recall increased by 30%.

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